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Gift wrap patterns more Chinese new year gift packaging not province

  gift wrap patterns more Chinese new year gift packaging physically. China is a personal, social, festivals, relatives, many people will bring gifts door, gift-giving thing must have gift box packaging, gift baskets or gift boxes to visit relatives and friends in order to get hand. Variety of gift baskets, gift boxes, dazzling, diverse mix, price varies, both priced at dozens of fruit gift baskets, also sells hundreds of upscale gift baskets, gift boxes. Gift baskets are used to express wishes and good luck, closer relationship between people, so supermarket gift basket, gift box usually has a nice name, such as "snuff", "good luck", "the rich years", "ambition", and so on. Matching gifts are also colorful, new year series, health, culture, respectively. Gift baskets and gift boxes due to different matching gift, the price varies. In the Spring Festival in a series of "abundance" gift box, there will be 500 grams of vanilla cake, 350 grams of almonds, 400 grams of licorice black melon seeds, 350 grams of dried longan, 250 g mushrooms, 400 grams of red sugar crisp, 200 grams of squid, 200 grams of sugar and other fine foods. Both 168 Yuan of gift basket gift baskets, there are more than 1000 Yuan, in addition to 268, 308, 433, 618 Yuan price of gift baskets are 6, 8, and price figures to get a good start. Reporter see, 168 Yuan of gift basket in has a support wine, and a box coffee, and a package happy fruit, and a package Alps gift package, and a lump sum squid,, and 268 Yuan of gift basket in is has a bottle wine, and a box Citi parameter sugar, and a box Citi parameter tablets, and a box double treasure pigment,, gift relative compared high-end, price natural also on your some.