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Gifts sent to health, carbon carving trendy green choice

  gift to send to health, carbon carving fashion gifts, home environmental choice. Black carbon carving and don't play with exceptional efficiency, regardless of how the passage of time, it has only become increasingly valued by humans.
carbon carving is not a traditional charcoal, charcoal, activated carbon, but the latest upgrade products in all of its products, more efficient, more environmentally friendly than before, more reactive adsorption ability!
and powder activated carbon charcoal and charcoal, carved. Most consumers think, bamboo charcoal, powdered activated carbon, and carbon carving is "carbon", while the former is cheaper, why not buy them, but because they are not the same type of products. Bamboo charcoal, powdered activated carbon for purifying indoor air is no role, their role and a bag of lime doesn't make much difference-the adsorption of water vapor. But consumers do not know that their advocacy role of purifying air and mixed together with us to sell, in the end, consumer purchases and found nothing, will lose confidence in carbon carving, this makes us very sad.
bamboo-carbon not zijin carbon, this is a common sense. If charcoal can absorb toxic gas, then the gas mask is the main material do not need to use the more expensive activated charcoal nor sublime purple and charcoal, bamboo charcoal not economy? Because charcoal and charcoal is as natural as burning charcoal, no directional adsorption by activated, namely pickling, washed, activation process, its value is less than 1/10 of activated carbon adsorption, which role is to regulate the interior temperature, and only this, as long as they never "is purple and charcoal is activated carbon carbon." Powdered activated carbon. Most consumers believe that "carbon carving" and activated carbon is the difference between: a cheap, expensive, good looking, a dirty, in fact, they have a completely different function, "carbon carving" of at least the following three points as bigger than the powdered activated carbon.
a is "carbon carved" than powder activated carbon using life to long 100 times times and Shang thousands of, powder-like activated carbon particles Zhijian exists with clearance, these clearance will priority adsorption steam, in 1-2 months (South area may not to half months) makes outer formed a pro-water of shell, to lost its adsorption of function, and "carbon carved" this big volume high fine carbon, used molecular sucking pressure technology no clearance combined, and through fine carbon activation technology activation makes "carbon carved" internal micro-hole formed logic arranged Hou, After carbonizing-the activation-the process "carbon carving" is both directed through holes in the adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene and other poisonous gases can be directed through a large hole of water vapor, and directional radiation adsorption through a small hole, thus greatly extending its working life.
the second is powdered activated carbon micro-particles easily suspended in indoor air, forming a second time pollution "carbon carving" sublimation of seamless mass activated carbon products, there is no second pollution.
third, the "carbon carving" has an elegant art form. Home, ideal for Office decoration, effects more thoroughly.
carbon carving into bottles of columns, Interior Accessories, interior decoration, wall, car accessories, car ornaments and so on, each one with its artistic vitality, artificial waterfall and strong clear, killing indoor harmful gas, comprehensive solution to the problem of toxic gas release. Within 24 hours of the toxic and hazardous gas degradation rate is above 80%, while continuously optimizing air purification, adsorption layer upon layer, effective and intuitive; zero-energy, do not spend money for 24 hours "air Concierge", meet the needs of modern people's pursuit of high quality. Carbon carving after more than more than 100 processes, precision crafted, ensuring carbon carving products of artistic, practical, at the same time provide consumers with fine art, truly purify indoor air, beautifying the environment environmental effects, greatly improving the quality of life for consumers.
carbon carving made of high quality activated carbon as the main raw material, complemented by environmentally friendly adhesives, and precious pure natural siliceous color shading. Carbon carving pure hand-crafted into art elements in the designs, the activated carbon of classical charm and restrained temperament was most vividly highlighted deep cultural heritage and Premier collectible value. More attract people of is jinfu activated carbon carved in landscaping life of while, also can efficient adsorption indoor air in the of formaldehyde, and benzene, and ammonia, toxic harmful gas, carbon carved products by authority institutions detection showed that: products adsorption value for 814.16mg/g, in 20m3 of space within on air in the formaldehyde degradation rate for 84.1%, on air in the benzene of degradation rate for 66%, real is indoor toxic harmful gas of nemesis. Carbon carving can effectively purify the air, humidity, silent to preserve the life and health, and bring light to the room, landscaping, to watch the art of enjoyment, leading the new trend of indoor air purification products. Carbon carving functions entirely on its adsorption of molecular motion, molecular gravity. No chemical reactions, is physical adsorption, products not consumption energy, not produced two times pollution; using term long, normal using term for eight years above, and normal using term has full Hou can off attached regeneration activated 3-4 times, its using term can up more than 10 years; carbon carved can clock, and full, and automatic long-term adsorption toxic harmful gas; using security, and placed freely, and environmental fashion.
carbon carved adsorption principle
relies on carbon molecular and was adsorption of material of molecular collision Shi of van der Waals gravity and combined in with, that outside surface (big hole) in absorption has toxic of gas or material Hou, second level transition hole is constantly of absorption appearance surface big hole in the of harmful material, third level of micro-hole and can put transition hole in the of toxic material adsorption to its internal, followed by achieved grading absorption, Control of toxic gases in its internal (not free) surface of activated carbon can absorb toxic substances in a row.