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Giving what taboo

  gift customs in each country is different, so what about taboo? No gift

Arab first met in Arabia, not gifts when they meet for the first time, otherwise it will be considered as bribes, the Arab customs, old items and drink does not give special cannot send gifts to a business acquaintance's wife. Cannot ask for their home, to visit the Arab guests, never look on something all the Arab owner must you accept this thing, and my heart will despise you.
Germany gift giving stress packaging
in Germany presents on the appropriateness of the gift, packaging is beautiful to watch, rose is special delivery Valentine's, must not be sent to owners, Germans like invited to outings, but owners need to be considerate arrangements in advance.
France flowers don't bundled
France gifts, usually at reunion. Gift selection should be shown on France master's praise of wisdom, was invited to the French meal, should send a few not bundles of flowers, chrysanthemums in France used only at funerals.
Latin America send handkerchiefs, knives, scissors and other gifts
Latin America send knives, scissors, or think friendship comes to an end, handkerchiefs or as a gift, because it is associated with tears. Latin America people like United States production of small household products, such as kitchen utensils, etc. In Latin America, taxes high extremely popular items, better not to send luxury. Gift-giving habits
Japanese/> of Japanese etiquette and custom of gift giving. But General sent some on its I didn't what uses of items, so gifts people again transferred, Japanese like China of silk and wines and the medicine, on some brand goods also is like, but on Fox Badger pattern of things is compared antipathy, because Fox is greed of symbol, Badger is representative cunning, to General people home for guest, sent Chrysanthemum only 15 tablets petals, Royal micro-chapter is 16 flap of Chrysanthemum.
of the/> the British hate the company marked British about his appearance, what gifts are inexpensive, such as advanced chocolate, wine and flowers is the British gift favorite thing, the right gift giving time is after reading the play, or after dinner, marked with the company logo gifts, Britons are not generally appreciated. Company gifts, best boss and personal capacity.