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Tibetan ethnic arts and crafts out of Tibet are exported to foreign countries

  Tibetan ethnic arts and crafts out of Tibet are exported abroad. Of China's 56 ethnic minorities, national culture distinctive, national costumes, crafts with distinctive characteristics. Groups of Tibetans live in Tibet, a wide variety of ethnic handicrafts in Tibet, with strong national style and independence of process, not just as a place to travel to Tibet gifts people love to be, now Tibetan features arts and crafts have been sold at home and abroad, in Russia and the United States, and Canada, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities to see Tibet features arts and crafts style. Characteristics of Tibetan arts and crafts gifts has become a distinctive Chinese characteristics is treasured by foreign friends. Overall Tibet features arts and Crafts categories.
1, Tibet: Tibet has thousands of years of history, originating in NagarzĂȘ County West of the Lake. HID is delicate, soft and tight density, texture, thickness and other characteristics.
2, Tibet carpets: carpet weaving unique, bright color, composition of ancient auspicious national style; carpet delicate, exquisite, elegant, highly appreciate and value to the collection; wash lint colorfast, durable.
3, Tibet special blankets: blankets are woven from yak wool is top grade, genus of sheep wool threads, yak wool and wool blended knit or woven in pure wool under the product. Carpet durability, warmth, moisture-proof, easy to carry, the monks and the people, especially farmers and herdsmen will be used as bedding.
4, Tibet tent: tent accommodation are pastoralists. Tents are divided into three types: yak hair tents, sturdy, no leaks, is a necessity for herders; canvas tents, top painted with flowers, patterns, figures, animals, designs, and Yong Zhong, outgoing labor; plain cloth, a small tent, is going to forest or folk festivals.
5, fine wooden bowls of Tibet: a Tong and birch on the roots and stems of giant tumor nodule processing such as grape, rhododendron, and style variety, firm texture, difficult to break down. Township of wooden bowls in monba areas in the world, wooden Bowl is convenient and durable, smooth appearance and is easy to carry.
6, a famous Tibetan in Tibet: the past is almost all Tibetan, Tibetan decorative, self defense, production and living purposes, including breakdown by origin in Lhasa, lazi, damxung, Yigong's waist most noted. Generally on the scabbard of bronze carved dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and lion pattern, some decorated with gemstones, agate and other accessories, exquisite, and exquisitely.
7, Tibet Tibetan jewelry gold and Silver: Tibetan national handicraft industry in Tibetan jewelry gold and silver production is the most complex, the most difficult kind of traditional crafts. Its main tool is a hammer and knife, there are also fire, bellows and other process two first put gold and silver on charcoal fire hot, hundred of thousands of hammer with a hammer into semi-finished products. And then carved on semi-finished products, finished products made. Bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, knives, pins, glass engraving has a fine pattern on the gold and silver.