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Timing of gifts and occasions

  when we do a gift when you choose (you can read our article how to select a gift), we're going to go to the gift, is very particular about timing and occasions, also known as gifts of time selected.
, timing. Gift-giving time to select, not casual.
1. premise must have a lot of
like festivals, visits, farewell (such as graduation when broke up), or somehow.
2. specific time
like you to be my guest, is entered when sending it, or when you send it?
as a guest, when you visit your host is door gift at the beginning of good that we attach to your home. Good and easy interaction. Say bad, I came to your House to give you two Chinese, know that your dad was a chain smoker, how have mixed a hongtashan's.
, in turn, receive guests, particularly international exchanges for foreign gifts, host gift is different. Host gifts are generally above the farewell dinner or guests the night before their departure, to guests at the hotel, hotels to send, rather than the airport temporarily gave him, by surprise, put it where? How to package? When to bid farewell to their hotel, the hotel take gifts out, is the right time, facilitate the processing of gifts. Otherwise meet, they give him are suspected of buying.
II, occasion. Gifts, engagement gifts for the public, Office gifts; private exchanges of gifts, private gifts.
If this is business, my business is business, you get the unit, justifiably; if it is a private communication, I got your home is very normal. Don't get it backwards. One day, one of my relatives to my house, I can drink, the relatives of hengshui laobaigan, 67, his wife does not drink. Relatives are also good, wife won't let me, and a box of 20 bottles, carry Office ... ... Say no one believe he is my relative, others wondered if parents buy the teacher came. So this occasion to note.
is a very simple example above, explain the when and where of giving, I hope to help you.