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Gift 17 precepts

  1. Understanding other people's taste. To know the gift is not happy, but to make others happy. Any experiment the taste of others not as gifts to selected items.
2. Not include motives. To avoid some gift of innuendo and implication.
3. Always new and good. Because no one likes to receive second hand.
4. Do not buy "useful" gifts. This proposal in particular relatively women who only knows how to buy household goods for their favorite men. Practical gifts are not only has no imagination, no mind. Should remember that you are a gift to a person, not to the family.
5. Whether your gift is 3 or 300 yuan, first of all to tear off the price tag. Sending a clearly present, as if to remind each other, my this gift but I spent how much money. Do you expect refund? Also want to do an exchange of equal value, value for money business deal? Generally accepted that gift with a price tag, it is impolite. For you who wants to declare, is not smart.
6. Carefully selected packaging. Gift is different from their own, good content is important, good luster. Gift-giving principle is selected beautiful packaging as much as possible.
7. Relatively speaking, giving women present are always simple, women living in the little details, is your gift with a choice. Daughter, wife, and mother of the female nature, are great gifts to meet.
8. Nevertheless, sent women's clothes are still not unwise. Don't say it thousand thousand kind of colors and styles, it is difficult to figure out, the key obstacle is the size – thin is in trouble, fat to make her unhappy: I get so fat?
9. Grasp the gift-giving time. Gift-giving can have many opportunities. We can only give one person a year on a birthday gift, but nothing could stop us at another time on the "unbirthday" gift for a long time, non-birthday bear to build emotional, soothe a wounded soul and the responsibility of fixing a broken friendship.
10. Like the gift you send. If you do not like some kind of gift, should not let others receive this gift.
11. Get new meaning. If you want to give gifts to one have no interest in anything or nothing person, that's the most troublesome thing. May wish to ingenuity, his (her) to see a very attractive show.
12. According to the recipient's profession, buy more practical gifts.
13. Measuring at reasonable prices. The gift was too cheap and rude, in fact, of the gift should be measured in your relationship with the recipient, to avoid the embarrassment of both sides.
14. Personalized gift. A homemade gift is unique in all the world, it will express your thoughts.
15. Is said to be a tie and belt is not a gift for, unless you had a close relationship with him. Because they had to hold each other's meaning. And so on, sending women necklace seems inappropriate, not to mention the ring.
16. Gifts to the practical and impractical, and master degrees. Expert scholar, a book may be stronger than anything, but Masato is less and less. But gifts are gifts, not practical look.
17. Avoid giving fresh produce. Even housewives who love cooking gift to send on a chicken, duck, fish and vegetables. Fresh difficulties aside, it just did, imported food characteristics were significantly reduced by its meaning as a gift. By the way, send shelf life should pay attention to nutrition, food, cosmetics, otherwise they will be embarrassed.

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