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Foreign diplomatic gifts international friends three core needs in mind

  foreign diplomatic gifts international friends three core needs in mind. 1th: to highlight the commemorative gift. In foreign exchange, gift still has to pay attention to "courtesy light feelings." Because in many countries there is not fashionable to give overly expensive gifts. Otherwise, it is likely to make the recipients have a sense of bribery. 2nd: to reflect the gift of national character. Common kite, the Chinese erhu, Dizi, stamps, paintings, paper-cutting, chopsticks, tea, once at the hands of foreigners, tend to favor, worth double. 3rd: clear gifts of relevance. When choosing a gift to vary and vary depending on the matter. When choosing a gift, be sure to fully understand the recipient's personality, hobbies, culture and taste, to make the gifts were welcomed by the recipient. In addition, should also take into account the different situations, to the recipient the gift should be different. For example, in the State should be offering flowers to the Ambassador, works of art. While attending a dinner, will be appropriate to give flowers the hostess, native arts and crafts, or to the owner's children free candy, toys and so on. the four, to value the gifts of difference. Gifts to foreign friends, is absolutely not contrary to each other's customs. To solve this problem, it is necessary to understand the customs of the country in which the recipient. When choosing a gift, active avoidance possible and other gifts, pattern, shape, number, and packaging-related taboos.