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Gift to give than to gain more happiness

  gift to give than to gain more happiness. American Paul new year Christmas received a new year's gift, his brother gave him a new car as a Christmas gift. A wonderful thing happened on Christmas Eve, the day when Paul came out of his Office and saw a boy on the street he walked up and down next to the shiny new car, touch it, and was envious eyes. Paul look at this look very handsome little boy, the little boy looked up and asked, "Sir, this is your car?" " Oh, Yes! "Paul said," my brother's Christmas gift to me. "The little boy replied," do you mean to say, this is your brother gave you, and you don't have to spend a dime? " Paul nodded, the boy said: "wow!" I hope ... "Paul thinks he knows what do boys want, wish I had one like that of his brother, but the boy say Paul was very surprised. "I hope," the boy added: "I hope could be a brother like that. "Paul was deeply moved and looked at the boy, and then he asked," do you want to go in my new car for a ride? " Boy surprised agreed. After visiting a, the little boy says to Paul: "Sir, please can you put your car in front of my house?" Paul smiled, because he thinks he knows why the little boy wanted to bring the car to the front of his house, he wants to let the neighbors see him go home by a large, beautiful car, but Paul was wrong again this time. "Would you stop at the two steps there?" To the boy's House after he ran up the steps of the three-step and two step, into the House. And soon he was back, and with his little crippled brother due to polio, he placed his brother in on the following steps, and then tightly against him and sat down. He pointed to the car, "do you see? Little brother, as I told you in the upstairs, nice right? This is his brother sent him a Christmas present, he don't have to spend a dime, Yes! One day in the future I would like to give you a car, so you can see what I've been telling you about, the Christmas stuff in the window. "Paul got the car, holds the penis in the front seat of the car, his brother bright-eyed, and climbed into the seat, sitting next to him, and the three of them began a journey of unforgettable holidays. That Christmas, Paul know what gift to give than to gain more happiness.