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Accept Gift Etiquette

  receiving gifts gift etiquette, etiquette of accepting gifts when, upon receiving the gift, three points to note.
first, and dignified. Acceptable will be accepted, no need to repeatedly said no, no, then take it in hand.
II, thanked each other. Is to personally thank each other. Got other gifts can be immediately after opening the package and said it was like, thank you, and so on. If important events, we might as well accept after gifts, within a certain period of time, such as 24 hours or a week, write a thank-you note to each other. Received the important gifts, special for your corporate gifts, write a letter or make a phone call, which is reciprocity. Later when I had the opportunity to see the giver, and can use this gift. For example, you gave our company a commemorative bottle, a sculpture, I usually place it in General, but if you come to my Office, or come to my reception room, I just put it out and let you see, I have not forgotten. A tie you sent to me, I can not normally play, but today, I may see you, I'll put it on the. To see it, you will have the feeling of being taken seriously.
third, refused. Sometimes, each other's gifts, you can't accept what? Some companies have provided: business activity, not income gifts. Not the right word, it may be clear to the giver in person, but don't people sparring. What do you mean, drag me down and hurt me, don't say that. According to Li declined: excuse me, Mr Wang, thank you for your gift giving. But we have rules, this time receiving gifts you make bogey. All in all, first of all, to thank each other's kindness. Second, clear specific reasons for refusal. For example, we cannot accept gifts, everyone is well reasoned.