Supplier collaboration

  If you produce unique, high quality gifts in hopes of opening up markets in South China, will provide you with a whole new product display and sales platform. Now, you do not need to spend any fees online to promote sales of products can be realized, as long as you meet the criteria, we warmly welcome you to join us.
basic requirements for suppliers are as follows:
1, the formal legal businesses.
2, are direct manufacturers or general agent units.
3, fashionable products, in line with market demand, can print ad (LOGO).
4, protection of materials and finished products are of good quality, do not use toxic and harmful to the human body of materials production and processing.
5, to provide after-sales service and return the nonconforming product policy.
6, not more than two agents of the manufacturers we will be the preferred option.
If you are interested and meet the above requirements and related information such as product images, price list, please call directly, and we will contact you as soon as possible.